What is usheru?

What is usheru? About usheru and our products Shauna Farrell

Usheru is a data focused company connecting movies to audiences. We have a series of products to support the movie distribution, promotion and exhibition industries.

For Cinemas

Usheru creates websites for movie distributors and marketers that can connect directly to cinemas’ box office point of sale. This allows studio-funded websites and digital marketing to sell tickets to your venue directly to consumers, with the full ticket price going to the cinema.

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For Distributors, Producers and Promotional Bodies

Usheru’s Home For Film product serves as one home for promoting all of your titles. Direct audiences to view, rent or buy your films wherever they are - in cinemas, on streaming platforms or even at film festivals. At the same time gather your own data on your audiences interactions with - and interest in - your films on different platforms and in different territories.

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Usheru’s API can provide you with data on where your films are showing in cinemas or on streaming platforms.

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