What does an usheru connection do for cinemas?

What does an usheru connection do for cinemas? Why should I connect my cinema to usheru? Shauna Farrell

usheru’s exhibition partners benefit from additional ticket sales through a new sales channel paid for by film studios or distributors, aiming to attract net new business to your cinema.


1 usheru connect to your Point of Sale API

2 usheru’s system pulls in necessary data to display to ticket purchasers - for example, your price cards and seat map

3 usheru connect each exhibition partner to Stripe Connect, a secure and reliable payment system that transfers the ticket fee directly to your bank account

4 When a ticket is purchased, it appears in real-time on your PoS system for your staff to view instantly

5 A customer will show up with an eTicket displaying a reference number corresponding to the one in your PoS system.

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