What data do you get from us (exhibitors)?

What data do you get from us (exhibitors)? The data shared between your point of sale API and our clients' websites. C Catherine

The only data we get from participating exhibitors is the data we receive from connecting to your point of sale system - this includes:

  • Your scheduled showtimes

  • Your price groups (ticket prices)

  • Your screen availability per showtimes

We only get customer data for those customers who have interacted with our distributor client website. If a consumer makes a purchase on our client’s website, we get data on:

  • the ticket purchase details (film title, screening time, # of tickets, PoS reference number, price),

  • the purchaser’s email address; and

  • the name of the purchaser

All this information is also available to you, the exhibitor, in your point of sale system. You will continue to have access to that customer data in your point of sale system, as before.

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