Setting up clear and smart marketing goals

Setting up clear and smart marketing goals A clear call-to-action (CTA) will drive good action-orientated traffic Oliver Fegan

Creating ads on facebook and measuring the cost per click or CPA does not constitute a smart marketing goal.

We should set up marketing goals which we can measure success against. Having clear Call to Actions (CTAs) creates a bridge of understanding between you and your fans so they understand your intended goal and if it suits their preferences they will take the action.

To understand what makes a smart marketing goal; try to always come back to the remember you are in the business eCommerce. There is a simple decision making process that someone has to go through before they decide to watch your movie and this is regardless of budget of your movie or marketing campaign.

  • does it look entertaining (quality question)

  • is it intriguing (does it suit my tastes/preference question)

  • what is it about (subject/genre question)

  • what do my peers thing about it (who will I go with/is it worth my time question)

  • what do the experts say about it (decision making question)

If you ultimately want people to buy tickets to your movie or stream it, your marketing goals should always be clear in the intention of aiding one of these validation questions.

So what are clear and smart marketing goals?

Before release – the goal before the release is to validate a fans intent to watch your movie and if possible declare they want to watch the movie

Here are some smart goals/CTAs to think about:

Get people to watch the trailer on my website

Get fans to 'demand the movie' for their city

Read the fan reviews from festivals

Read the latest press reviews

Take part in a competition for premiere tickets

Take part in a quiz or game for the movie

In Cinemas – the goal for when the movie is in cinemas should be to ultimately buy a ticket (where fan intent is validated) and to validate the intent for those who have not engaged with the movie previously

Not validated:

See what marketing creatives had the best impact from before the release came out and use it to a wider audience with a goal to validate the film to these fans and try help validate the movie quickly to these fans. i.e. having laurels, star ratings and messaging like 'if you loved the Blair Witch, then you will love this' creative.


Watch the trailer on your website

Book tickets

Find a showtime

Or validate their intent to goal e.g. read press/fan reviews


This is a straight eCommerce CTA to Book Now or Find Showtimes


Find a showtime in a local cinema

Ticketing bookings

Re-targeting fans to convert previous intention to see your movie into sales

For every fan who clicks on your ads or posts before or during the cinematic release, using ad tracking mechanisms like Google Tag/Facebook pixel, we can re-target these fans during the release to convert an intent into a sale.

The goals should be very eCommerce focused here to Book Now and we recommend to use a cost per click structure here. So you will pay only if fans click on the re-targeting creative. This means if someone has already seen the movie or decided it's not for them, they are unlikely to click on the creative.

Good CTA at this stage:

Think of your movie as a perishable good and your fans won't get another chance to see your movie maybe in the cinema. So the call to action should add some urgency to their booking.

Don't miss out

Last chance to book

Leaving cinemas soon

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