How Better Distributor Marketing Helps Cinemas

How Better Distributor Marketing Helps Cinemas 3 key reasons improved distributor marketing techniques boost ticket sales for cinemas. Shauna Farrell

Research consistently shows that knowing your customers and designing your marketing messaging to appeal to them as individuals will increase your success. usheru's websites enable distributors to do this, resulting in these improved effects:

  • Full ticketing enables our partners to have much clearer eCommerce Calls To Action on their marketing campaigns which result in a better conversion rate.

  • By making marketing attribution possible, distributors can see what marketing campaigns are delivering sales and those which are not. They can divert budget in real time from poor to the best performing campaigns which adds to increased ticket sales

  • Finally, with visibility of those who start but don't finish a purchase journey and abandon their cart, our partners can re-target fans with reminder ads to purchase their tickets.

Increased ticket sales benefits distributors, studios and exhitors.

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