A quick guide to creating a winning marketing strategy

A quick guide to creating a winning marketing strategy This is a simple checklist to make sure you are set up for marketing success Oliver Fegan

The team behind usheru have spent the past 5 years focused on helping movie partners create winning marketing campaigns and this guide is based on that practice as well as our teams previous experience.

We are an amalgam of sector experts and technologists who have spent a couple of lifetimes working collectively in tech/ecommerce learning about marketing best practice.

We hope you find this guide useful:

Campaign Marketing Check list

  • Do your creatives (posters/trailers etc) have clear use of your web domain?

Simply put, you are creating the poster/trailer to entice people to buy tickets. Tell them where they can find out more about your movie and buy tickets. Your return on investment will be immediate.

  • Do you have some marketing/fan marketing profiles?

This is like a likely to be the most annoying question to any film maker. It insults their unflinching belief, their movie is going to be a box office smash. However, building profiles and testing their marketing profiles will help any marketer identify the wasteful marketing messages and should be tested well in advance. $10 is enough to spot each misaligned marketing message.

  • Do your marketing materials have clear call to actions?

Like the posters etc; don't put our creatives and associated messaging with no call to action. Would Amazon ever put up a poster of the latest set of earphones with no link to buy it? Does Tesla launch a new prototype which is not yet in development without a page to capture their fans intent to buy the car? Not in a million years. You are crazy to drop a trailer and not capture the intent.

If you are putting out marketing posts with a goal to drive a low CPC/CPA as a goal but not measuring a meaningful action you might be just throwing away cash. Connect the creative and the call to action to specific goals and measure the impact. Start early so you can test assumptions to catch ineffective combinations.

If you are to get one thing from this article today, it is to make sure you individually track every marketing campaign individually, If you do, you can identify the winning campaigns and cut out the wasteful campaigns quickly. Here is more on the value of marketing attribution.

  • Have you set up marketing campaign tests to assess movie product/market fit?

Let's say you think your movie works for 4 distinct audiences and you know the messaging or angle for each group. We recommend testing this fit out and where the fit is sub optimal trying different messaging or creatives. If the engagement is low for a group or two, then it's best to learn this a couple of months before the release and not when the marketing budget is being deployed full throttle. A few test campaigns will save massively in the long run.

To build an efficient long term marketing strategy, we need to build a fan base to remove the reliance on mass marketing. Key to this direct-to-consumer future is the importance of thinking long term in terms of collecting data. Where ever possible, you need to collect fan data which can inform a better understanding of your audience and therefore can market future movies to them based on their past behavior.

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