Is the juice worth the squeeze we hear you ask!?!?

We do understand you have a lot on your plate managing your cinemas especially with the Covid 19 restrictions and reopening priorities. So any new sales initiatives have to be time effective and revenue generating. Here are the reasons to take part;

  1. Free extra sales channel: Having a direct connection to distributor marketing acts as an extra free sales channel, paid by distributors.

  2. Get the most from distributor marketing campaigns: Distributors can identify people who start but don’t finish their ticketing journey and retarget them to finish the purchase later. This is important where 92% of people who say they will go to see a movie in cinemas don't end up going.

  3. Incremental sales: Your regular customers and loyalty members will continue to book via your website. Our service helps distributors convince undecided and spontaneous customers to purchase on a whim. Every new sale is a new opportunity to sell popcorn and also to turn an irregular customer into a loyalty member.

  4. Very little effort:

  5. Easy set up...easy exit: We can set you up in minutes and if you want to opt out of the program for any reason, you can do so with immediate effect.

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