usheru believe in creating win-win situations for cinemas, distributors and consumers. It is important to us that we pass on the funds to theaters who are the heart beat of this industry whilst enabling distributors to power more effective marketing campaigns. This new sales channel for cinemas is free to partners minus the card processing fees.

Set Up Fees

There are no set up for theaters to connect your PoS system for any distributor campaigns. There are also no monthly costs either.

Ticketing Fees

usheru and our distribution partners pass on the full ticketing fees to theaters.

Service or Booking Fees

usheru will power the transaction and therefore we will incur the credit card processing fees. The cost for connecting to Stripe Connect is 35% of the service fee. This fee means the money goes directly from the consumer to your nominated bank account.

An example

Your ticket price is $10.00: you keep it all

Your service fee is $1.00: you keep 65% and the rest is to process the Stripe fees

So you get $10.65

35c will go to cover Stripe Connect's processing fees

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