What is the usheru Ticketing Bridge?

What is the usheru Ticketing Bridge? If you don't have a traditional PoS, you can still connect to distributor marketing campaigns Oliver Fegan

The usheru ticketing system works best where theatrical partners have a point of sale system we can connect with.

However, lots of independent exhibitors around the world might not yet have a point of sale system to power online cinema ticketing so we created the usheru Ticketing

The usheru Ticketing Bridge is a free solution for independent theaters to sell tickets online for upcoming distributor campaigns.

Tell us your prices and how many tickets you would like to sell for each screening and we take care of the rest.

What we need to know?

Here is a list of the key things we need to know to take part in upcoming campaigns.

What you need to know

Cost: It's free to get set up. You keep your full ticket fee. We do charge the consumer a service fee to cover our costs.

How do I know if people bought tickets? We send a final list of ticket purchasers in advance of the screening. You set the time limit but for example, you can receive the list 60 minutes before the screening starts. You can check updated sales at any time in advance also.

Do I need to set aside tickets? Yes. If you set aside for example, 20 tickets we can do the rest. If they sell out, you can increase your allocation at any time or release unsold tickets if needed also.

How does usheru make our money? usheru provide distributors with a range of services to help them maximize sales for their screenings and this is where we get paid.

What happens if I don't want to work with you any more? You can leave at any stage.

What happens if I move to a point of sale?

usheru works best with point of sale solutions and there are many great products out there. We have built integrations with most major players so in all likelihood, we can connect in future. Then you don't have to set aside tickets or worry about releasing tickets etc. We will pick up your availability in real time.

Want to take part?

Please get in touch at any stage by email or using the meeting set up feature in our footer. Alternatively, just fill in the form here and we will get the ball rolling.

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